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Why has Fouad Takla Company launched the ChamSolar Initiative?
Fouad Takla Company’s slogan is “Building for a Better Syria”. This goal must be achieved through sustainable development. It hopes this initiative will become a platform for advancing Renewable Energy in everyday lives to help reach that goal.

What does Fouad Takla Company do?
Fouad Takla Company is the largest privately owned construction firm in the Syrian Arab Republic, with offices throughout Syria, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Its experience spans the Middle East and United Kingdom since 1963. Its activities include construction services as well as construction products manufacturing. Fouad Takla Company’s strong track record has given it an established brand with a reputation for quality, innovation and the successful delivery of major projects, particularly large commercial, residential, touristic and specialist design and construction projects.



What do you mean by ChamSolar?
ChamSolar is a forum for people who want to learn more about Renewable Energy and how they can take advantage of it in their everyday lives at home, at work and in their communities. The clear sunny skies of Cham are our inspiration.

How can we use ChamSolar and what does ChamSolar provide?
Everybody who has an interest in Renewable Energy is invited to take part in ChamSolar. You can use it to learn and to inform others. It hopes to provide a service that people can use to make choices about their energy needs.

How do I know what type of renewable energy source is right for me?
The best thing to do is register using the form on our home page. There are many types of applications you can choose from. Every application can use more than one renewable energy source. Depending on your needs and specific conditions, we’ll help you choose the best solution.

What type of user are you interested in?
We don’t distinguish. We’re happy to help everyone and anyone. Don’t be shy!

What locations do you provide your services for?
We’re on the web, we’re global! No matter where you are, we can help you.

Can you recommend an installer or supplier for a renewable energy system?
Yes we can! Once you tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll point you in the right direction.

If we have any problems, will we be covered?
We are here to help so that any problems that may arise are foreseen and can be dealt with before committing to any system.


Renewable Energy

Why Renewable Energy?
Energy from fossil fuels is not sustainable and getting more expensive everyday. Renewable Energy comes from the sun. It is clean, sustainable and the systems are getting cheaper everyday. So the real question is why not?

If there is no sun, what am I supposed to do?
Fortunately for our region of the world, the sun is not very shy! And even luckier, we have some of the windiest areas in the Eastern Mediterranean. We recommend that people keep their conventional systems as back up just in case though. Or you can use both together and still save on energy costs!

Where is Renewable Energy working already?
Please have a look at our Educational Area to get a good idea about where it’s working locally and around the world.

How is Renewable Energy good for the environment?
It’s not good, it’s great! There are no emissions into the environment. We all get to breath cleaner air as more people adopt Renewable Energy sources.

Do you use Renewable Energy systems in your own home or place of work?
We already use everything in our Commercial Area and many other systems which we are trying out. These will be made available on the website as soon as soon as all the results come in!

Can Renewable Energy be used on an individual basis or does it have to be large scale?
Renewable Energy is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the application. Some applications are cheaper on a large scale while other applications do not get cheaper as your need gets bigger.

Is Renewable Energy cheaper than the energy you get through conventional means?
In some cases, it can be cheaper. It all depends on the technology you use and the application you need it for.

Can I install Renewable Energy systems at home?
Of course!

Is it all legal?
If there are any rules against clean sources of energy, please let us know!

Does it cost much?
Renewable energy costs more in the beginning but saves you a lot in the long run. Thanks to large scale manufacturing in recent years, the cost of buying is coming down.

Can I pay in installments for expensive systems?
The Government offers promotions for Solar Hot Water Systems. You have to search harder for incentives for other technologies but they are available and we can tell you where to go!

Are systems guaranteed?
Most manufacturers will give you a guarantee for a very long. Different technologies come with different lifetimes which we can help you with. Beware of manufacturers that don’t give guarantees!

What systems are being locally manufactured and what is being imported?
Components for Solar Hot Water systems are being manufactured locally as are wind turbines for water pumping. Almost everything else is being imported.

Do these systems take up a lot of space?
The great thing about most Renewable Energy systems is that they can be put on roofs or other spaces which people don’t really need. You don’t have to have a flat roof because many systems should to be mounted on a sloped surface anyway.

If I install a system, can I move it at a later date or am I stuck with it?
Everything’s possible with Renewable Energy. If you move premises, all the good stuff can move with you! Sometimes, the systems are so portable that you don’t need any help to move them.


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